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Post  XX-Saber on Mon May 16, 2011 2:01 pm

Well, I see no tutorials, even though it is obvious, I thought I'd just post a tutorial in case someone doesn't know how to duel and the like. Please do enjoy, this took a while to write. First off, after logging in, Press DUEL and you'll be greeted by the main menu. It looks like this:

Dueling Network Tutorial Themainmenu

DUEL ROOM - Where you duel. More on that later though
DECK CONSTRUCTOR - Build your deck here, you can't duel without a deck!
RANKINGS - View the official Dueling Network Rankings
PROFILE VIEWER - View your profile, your Join date, your Wins and Losses are also shown here.
MY PROFILE - Edit your Profile.
CHANGE PASSWORD - Exactly what it says on the tin.
EXIT - Go back to the Login screen.


Dueling Network Tutorial Duelroomscreenshot

ADVANCED(Rated) - Play Rated duels that will affect your Rankings.
ADVANCED(UnRated) - Play Unrated Duels that will NOT affect your Rankings.
TRADITIONAL - Play traditional Format games.

Setting up a game:

Dueling Network Tutorial Settingupagamescreensho

DECK - This is the deck you shall be using when the game begins.
MODE - This will determine if you are dueling or watching. Watching is like being a Spectator in a Football Game etc
DUEL NOTE - This will be displayed under your name on the list. For instance, in this, "Hello!" would be displayed below my entry in the ADVANCED List.
DUEL PASSWORD - This is for friend only matches, you must enter the correct password in order to duel them.
ALLOW WATCHING - This determines if players are allowed to watch your duel.
WATCHING NOTES - A note displayed to watchers of the duel.
WATCHING PASSWORD - A password required to watch the duel.

You'll play a Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who goes first.

Dueling Network Tutorial Rockpaperscissorsscreen

Should you win, select either First or second

Dueling Network Tutorial Firstorsecondscreenshot

Now, the dueling screen. The Phases are in the middle of the screen. Hover over a card to select it. You have several options, all of them are rather obvious.

Dueling Network Tutorial Theduelscreen

ADMIT DEFEAT - If you lose, press this button. Your opponent will gain ranking, and you will lose ranking.
OFFER DRAW - Exactly what it says.
A.S.S - This is the Report button. If the user is breaking rules, insulting you ETC, press this. You'll lose the duel, but they will lose Rating. DO NOT ABUSE THIS.
QUIT - Only press after you have admitted defeat or the duel is over.

DICE - Roll a dice
TOKEN - summon a token to your side of the field, only press when a card effect tells you to.
COIN - Flip a coin.

- + - Adjust your life points.

To summon from your extra deck, click View and then SS ATK/DEF after declaring a Synchro Or Fusion. The deck is the same. When you take a card out of the deck other than drawing, the deck automaticially shuffles, but remember to shuffle the deck if that doesn't work for some reason.

SHUFFLE HAND - Shuffles your hand.
SHOW HAND - Shows your entire hand to your opponent.

MILL - Send the top card of your deck to the graveyard
MILL TO RFG - The same as before, only into the RFG zone.


Dueling Network Tutorial Deckeditscreenshot

Here you'll see my X-Saber deck.

To add a card, search it into the search bar then drag and drop it into the deck. It's that simple!

SIDE - This currently does not work as Duel network doesn't have a Match duel feature yet.
EXTRA - Your extra deck
1 2 and 0 - This shows you how many of a specific card you can have in your deck.
CLEAR DECK - Remove all cards from the deck.
SORT DECK - Sorts into Monsters, Traps and spells.
NEW DECK - make a New deck.
RENAME DECK - Change the deck name.
DELETE DECK - delete the deck entirely.
SAVE DECK - Save your deck.
SET AS DEFAULT - This deck will be the automaticially used one by default in the DUEL ROOM, unless you change it.
EXIT - Leave the deck editor.

Well, the others are extremely simple and shouldn't take long to work out.

DISCLAIMER - All the Images in this Thread where screenshotted by myself, I am not part of Konami, I don't own anything in these screenshots. HUGE credit to those that made the things in this screenshots. Thanks.

EDIT: Images arn't working. Fix please?

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