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Post  XX-Saber on Mon May 16, 2011 4:33 pm

- Use good grammar. It's not hard. Using 1337 Speak or whatever it's called is annoying.

- Wait 72 Hours(3 Days) before bumping your topic. It's not nice to see a thread full of the word "Bring up my post" I'll simply merge your posts if you do this.

- Deck names should be related to what the actual deck is "My Deck" is in violation to this rule, however "My Disaster Dragons" is not in violation of this rule. In other words, put what your deck is in the title.

- All suggestions should be explained. Telling someone to just add a card for no reason might come across as rude. Also, all suggestions should at least relate to and or make the deck better. Telling someone to put 3 Sparks into a X-Saber deck will get your post deleted.

- Use the following tags in the title name, just so it's easier for people to navigate.

[ADV] Advanced Format deck
[TRA] Traditional Format deck
[WIP] Work In Progress


This is a clear topic title. The person clicking this thread knows that the deck inside is following the advanced format, is based around X-Sabers and that the deck is still unfinished.

"My deck plz rate!"
This would have your topic title changed to something more...appropriate.

- Post formatting should be easy to read. Make sure each card name is on a different line, and divide up between Monsters Spells and Traps.
If you are on a budget, make sure to mention it.

- Don't treat me like a Tyrant. Because I'm not. If I lock your thread I'll always give some information as to why I locked it.

- Don't feed the trolls. If someone is saying every deck here sucks, or is suggesting stupid things or being a general troll, just ignore them until I see their post and lock/delete it. You can Inform me of a troll thread and or Post by simply Private Messaging me.

- Reply Constructively. Don't flame users for their choices in cards, but however feel free to give advice. I.e:

Bob: "But _____ is a good card in this deck!"
Bill: "No it isn't! you suck at yugioh and this deck will fail like you! you moron!"

Bill would have his post edited to something more constructive.

As a general rule, stay away from Insults. This is a forum, not a Boxing Match.

- All regular rules apply

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