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Post  zachbattak on Mon Dec 12, 2011 4:10 pm

tell me what you think of my deck please

maurading capt
tethys goddess of light
air knight parshath
deep sea warrior
red eyes b dragon
maju garzett
enraged battle ox
wolf axe wielder
mother grizzly
kaisersea horse
e-hero ocean
exiled force
dark fire solider #1
e-hero spark man
e-hero clayman
blast sphere
gear golem the moving fortress
magicians valyria
invitation to a dark sleep
lab wall

swords of revealing light
enemy controller
mystical space typhoon
reinforcement of the army
smashing ground
warrior returning alive
block attack
shield and sword

shadow of eyes
sakuretsu armor
compulsory evacuation device
magic jammer
dark coffin
altar for tribute
trap hole
dust tornado x2
magic drain

extra deck:
e-hero thunder giant


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